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Jezey and Matt are the co-founders of the Wolf Pack Health and Wellness. They are dedicated to helping people reconnect with the earth, each other and themselves. 

The wellness ranch spread over 21 acres just west of Brisbane offers country escapes, NDIS respite stays, wellness events and private counselling and development. The ranch is a hub for peace, relaxation, enlightened moments, and optimised living. 

Jezey and Matt share significant moments that led to the founding of Wolf Pack Health and Wellness brand:

  • While working as the head of marketing for a family owned baking business, Jezey was troubled by the growing health issues around obesity and what she did for a living. Around that time, Jezey also picked up martial arts renewing her passion for fitness and wellbeing. 
  • The disconnect inspired her to only work with companies that aligned with her own values as an employee and subsequently as a consultant.   
  • When covid hit, she realised that her lifestyle made it easier for her and her family. She believes that being connected to nature and surrounded by animals improved the wellbeing of her family. In that same time period, her opinion is that people in the cities being stuck in their concrete boxes may have deteriorated their mental health and wellbeing. 
  • Jezey is convinced that reconnecting with nature is vital for our wellbeing now more than ever which led her to start the wellbeing clinic. 
  • Matt started MMA to get back in shape which soon turned into an obsession. His MMA journey would lead him to meet Jezey and build a life together. 
  • Matt recalls feeling complete being surrounded by animals. They gradually started adding animals to the family and have since moved to their Wolf Pack Ranch in Wanora, Queensland.    
  • Matt and Jezey have been helping people reconnect with nature. 

Matt and Jezey explains how living with animals and being connected to nature make a difference:

  • Matt says animals don’t judge. 
  • Humans lived deeply rooted in nature not long ago. Jezey believes that intimacy with our natural environment is vital for our wellbeing. 
  • Jezey says rapid technological changes have pulled us away from our natural habitat and put us in a concrete environment making it difficult to access nature.  
  • In doing so, Jezey is convinced that our separation from time with animals and being in nature have led to the rise of ailments in people that were not an issue before. Jezey reckons reconnection with nature can help us feel healthy and improve our wellbeing. 
  • Science shows that bacteria in soil help improve our mental health outcomes and the sun is incredibly important for our wellbeing. Jezey is convinced that modern lives just make it difficult to connect with nature and they are committed to help people find reasons to connect with nature to make them ultimately feel better

15:30 Matt and Jezey discusses the current state and challenges of promoting equine assisted therapy:

  • According to Matt, while they believe in the healing power of what they offer, holding true to their values, they are in the process of conducting studies to solidify their offerings before they engage the wider community.  
  • Jezey points out that they are not reinventing the wheel. There is evidence of success stories from around the world. Even in Australia, there is evidence of successful management of PTSD with equine assisted therapy. 
  • Jezey discusses how it is promoted and can determine whether people, corporations and institutions buy into it.    

19:30 Jezey and Matt explores the parallel between horses and leadership and teamwork:

  • Horses work as a team and they are led by an alpha mare. Its job is to take information from other horses in the band and make decisions during critical times based on the collective wisdom of the band. 
  • It teaches us that leadership is not about being a boss and dictating everything but rather trusting the wisdom of the team to make critical decisions.
  • Horses are also sensitive to energy. When using horses in team coaching and leadership, the participants must have a unified voice to get the horse to cooperate. Horses are able to pick any disconnect within the group making the task difficult.
  • It trains people in their ability to work together and overcome challenges of working together and replicate that in the boardrooms.      

28:00 Jezey and Matt discuss challenges of starting a business with a family:

  • They believe starting a business is not for everyone and it takes hard work. 
  • Jezey thinks society has glorified entrepreneurship and says if you are good at what you do and you love your job, donโ€™t be pressured to start your own business.
  • Jezey recalls having to say yes a lot in building a business. She says that can challenge your ability to maintain a work life balance. 
  • She says starting a business with a family will require juggling parental obligations, providing for the family while keeping business afloat. 

37:00 Tips on how people can connect to nature living in the city:

  • Go to a park, or your backyard.
  • Leave your phone at home if you can and take the time to consciously be in touch with nature.
  • Jezey says playing a game with young children that requires observing things in the park can help them engage.  

44:50 Jezey and Matt on the values they want to instil in their children:

  • They encourage their children to act first with kindness and curiosity.
  • Teach children the value of nature and the responsibility to care for it.

You can connect with Jezey Wolf on LinkedIn.  

About your host: 

Lauren Karan, Director and Founder of Karan & Co

With over a decade of experience as a recruiter and development coach, Lauren Karan found that her priorities rapidly changed after the birth of her two children. In 2022 she founded Karan & Co flipping the out-dated recruitment model with a focus on retention through career coaching and development. 

Lauren believes that If opportunity doesn’t knock, you have to build a door – and it’s this same philosophy that inspired her to create the Building Doors podcast.  

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